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Skill Sets

Practices are about learning and applying the system's skill sets. Technical skill sets are the tools of unarmed combat. No single tool is more valuable than another, nor is any single tool designed to accomplish all objectives - a doctor doesn't just have a scalpel ... a carpenter doesn't just have a saw. A combatant needs a suite of skill sets to effectively manage the circumstances of a fight. Ultimately, the more proficient a person is at processing all of the skill sets, the more effective they become at creating outcomes that are in their favor.



To keep your skills organized. They are:


Guarding is a generally misunderstood skill. Much more than just "getting out of the way," the process of keeping the body or parts of it from harm serves as an important working foundation for all other skill sets. While guarding, White Lotus practitioners are able to effectively isolate and manage the specific location of combatants who enter into the fight. People proficient at guarding are not victims, timidly running from an opponent in some desperate, fear driven attempt to get away from inevitable injury. White Lotus practitioners leverage guarding to calmly, deliberately and directly control where the fight unfolds in the environment, creating the ideal circumstances to utilize other skill sets, should they choose to do so.

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