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The White Lotus System Founder

Brian K. Leishman was born in North Bay, Ontario, Canada on April 14th, 1954. He has been a martial art practitioner since 1972, and has applied himself to developing and documenting the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat® since its founding in 1980. Mr. Leishman created the White Lotus System for the purpose of sharing his ideologies, methodologies, processes, practices, and standards of martial preparation. ​


People will often ask about the lineage, history, and known relationships of the systems' founder.  Being plain, addressing these questions has no value for you - the reader - as a prospective student or student.  An appropriately scientific and skeptical mind should challenge this line of questioning, treating it as an evident distraction from resolving direct questions specific to skill development.  It is reasonable to ask "How does any of this information help me?"  


These facts make for an interesting and even entertaining story...but that's about it. ​


Who a person knows, where they have been, and who likes or appreciates them is not material to skill development, more specifically, to your skill development. These concerns will not help you acquire knowledge and develop skill. These concerns should not be the basis for measuring and establishing trust in this system - in any system - or its methods of martial preparation.  For these reasons, these concerns are not mentioned or addressed here, or in any aspect of the system as it exists.  


The question of "who the founder is" is better addressed by scrutinizing the system in detail. If you do this, and come to appreciate, leverage, and adopt the system, you will learn everything you need to know about the systems' founder. 


This isn't about anyone but you.

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