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Addressing questions and concerns in a way that allows all practitioners to realize results that in are in their favor is no easy task. An effective approach must provide methods that accommodate everyone without discriminating. These methods must systematically assist the practitioner progress from a limited or no understanding of the subject matter to comprehensive and functional combative capabilities. Most importantly, the methods must be accessible to everyone, not demanding that they possess anything other than what they already have as a human being. 


Teaching is more than just imparting information, providing demonstrations and engaging with students. Its not enough to be a great martial artist - skill as a practitioner does not necessarily equate to skill as an educator. 


Methods of teaching must consider how individuals learn and the effects of cognition on the overall learning process. Methods of teaching applied by White Lotus Educators are directed at enabling efficient and effective student development, understanding that at every turn, students will experience issues rooted in their own psychology.

Methods leveraged by educators are:


  • Considerate of how humans learn and how their own minds can work against them.

  • Structured to help students systematically and safely navigate the risks in preparation.



While educators in the White Lotus System make every effort to ensure that every opportunity is given to the student to learn, students are clearly directed to methods which allow them to focus on achieving their primary learning objectives. Learning is more than just "showing up and listening" - the process should not be limited to "being in class." Students must have methods which enable them to develop independently and with confidence. 

These primary learning objectives are:

  • To Absorb 

  • To Accept

  • To Adopt

Students are directed to apply rational argument and to question their understanding and their abilities. The systems methods of learning actively direct the student through a series of steps, all of which acknowledge that at no point can any aspect of the learning be taken for granted - the students' safety is dependent on it.  


​It's important that students be provided an environment where they can develop their abilities safely and systematically. The system's methods graduate the practitioner through achieving their objectives under different conditions, which represent varying degrees of duress.  

In preparation, conditions are categorically thought of as being: 

  • Isolated

  • Variable

  • Random

Notably, most people don't realize that there is a long history of martial artists portraying their skills under the most benign isolated conditions, where circumstances are controlled. This leaves the false impression of greater skill than may exist. 

Prematurely entering into conditions that a person is not prepared for is not only unsafe, it is contradictory to the systems methods of learning. It is vital that application be entered into with a knowledge that a person is preparing for combat - engaging in combat is an inherently risky thing to do. This is not taken for granted in the system's methods and approach to application.

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