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WLS Learning Portal

Why online?

Being in a formal training environment is not always possible. Recent changes have made that evident (COVID-19) As importantly, the average adult lifestyle does not always allow for the luxury of time away from our families and responsibilities. 

Stepping up

In response to this need, a unique internet based learning experience has been created for the White Lotus student body. This learning experience, facilitated by the White Lotus System Learning portal - an online resource for lessons and lesson content - provides system members the advantage of being able to further their own development at all times.

What did they say again?

Some individuals find it challenging to recall information vital to their progression unless in the presence of an instructor. Away from a formal training environment, they lack familiarity with the key ideas needed to ensure that their development is both successful and efficient.

Membership has its privileges

 When an individual becomes a member of the system, they have the opportunity to obtain access to the learning portal, where the lesson content they need to support their development is made available to them, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Being Flexible

The White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat® recognizes the need to support the interests and development of its members at all times - even (and especially) when they are not available to work directly with an instructor or available to attend classroom based training.

Take advantage

The learning portal is a highly organized, interactive resource available to all system members. By properly leveraging the learning portal, members can accelerate their development and reduce time spent in formal instruction.

A style of writing that is to your advantage

The White Lotus Learning Portal contains thousands of pages of content. In order to minimize the need for creative writing the system's founder (Brian K Leishman) created an instructional template style of writing. This specific style of writing did not happen by accident - rather by design. Initially, this style of writing will lead you to believe that the content is very repetitive - especially as you proceed from one lesson step to another. This is normal and to be expected. However, if you read the content in each lesson step carefully you’ll realize that the context is continuously changing. Do not let this style of writing discourage you from taking in the information that is being imparted to you.

Visit the portal now at


We get it - Martial Arts instruction over the Internet is unconventional - ask us how it works.

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